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Ramoji Has No Soft Corner For Jagan?

Ramoji Has No Soft Corner For Jagan?

The recent surprise visit of YSRCP president Jagan to Ramoji Film City to have a one-on-one meeting with media baron and Eenadu group chairman Ch Ramoji Rao has led to the speculation that there is a new bonhomie between the two once-bitter-arch-rivals, though the YSRC leaders say Jagan had met Ramoji only to seek the latter’ support and blessings for his padayatra commencing on November 6.

After the meeting, it appeared Eenadu was adopting some sort of soft corner towards Jagan.

The daily totally underplayed the CBI court’s rejection of his petition seeking exemption from court appearances and other controversial issues relating to him.

It also highlighted Jagan’s letter to President of India complaining against Naidu for engineering defections.

May be the editorial staff of Eenadu was also under the impression that Jagan has become a close friend of Ramoji and hence, they are supposed to go soft towards the YSRC.

However, a couple of days ago, Ramoji Rao is learnt to have issued strict instructions to Eenadu staff not to go soft on Jagan.

“There is absolutely, no change in the policy of Eenadu. It continues to adopt the same stand on TDP and YSRC. Just because Jagan has met me, you should not stop writing stories against him,” he reportedly told the staff.

It does mean, Jagan’s expectations to get good coverage for his padayatra in Eenadu have gone futile. So, he will have to depend only on his own media house Sakshi!



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