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Rahul's Meeting Indicates YSRC Weakness?

Rahul's Meeting Indicates YSRC Weakness?

At a time when political analysts are breaking their heads as to whether Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting at Guntur on Sunday night would fetch any political mileage to his party at all, TDP president and AP chief minister Chandrababu has come up with his own strange analysis.

Naidu told the TDP leaders on Monday that there was nothing much to worry about with Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting and in a way, it was a positive indication to the TDP.

“That Rahul Gandhi had dared to hold a public meeting in Guntur is an indication to a weak opposition in the state. It shows YSR Congress party is gradually weakening in the state,” he opined.

The TDP president is of the view that had the YSR Congress party been a growing force and a powerful opposition, Rahul Gandhi would not have dared to address a meeting in Guntur, which is a stronghold of the YSRC.

“In a way, it is good news for the TDP, as the opposition is no strong at all,” he said.

Naidu, however, lashed out at Rahul Gandhi for raising the special category status issue instead of expressing regrets over the unscientific bifurcation.

“It is like garlanding the dead body of a person after murdering him,” he said.



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