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Rahul Is Now A Full-Time Politician!

Rahul Is Now A Full-Time Politician!

It is often said the Congress party does not need any enemies to fight with it. It has enough enemies within itself, who attack the party when it is just getting stronger.

The classic examples of this trend in the Congress party are former Union minister Jairam Ramesh and AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh, who never lose an opportunity to take pot shots at their own party president Rahul Gandhi.

Both the leaders played instrumental role in dividing combined Andhra Pradesh state to form separate Telangana and thereby, damaging the party prospects in both the Telugu states.

Now, at a time when the party has just started picking up across the country after the elevation of Rahul Gandhi as party president, Jairam Ramesh made a caustic remark saying Rahul has become a full time politician after Gujarat elections, indicating that the party president’s inaction was responsible for party debacle in the past.

In the past, too, Jairam said the Congress party was suffering from existential crisis.

“This is nothing but demoralising the party and the cadre, when the party started picking up its strength in the country. It is better Jairam stops making such comments that will only damage the party. Such senior leaders should act as mentors and not tormentors,” senior Congress leader and former minister Marri Shashidhar Reddy commented.

Jairam apparently made the comment after Rahul Gandhi said he would bring new faces and young and dynamic players into the party.

“But it did not mean he would ignore experienced and senior party leaders,” Reddy said.



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