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'Rahul Gandhi missing' posters surface in UP

'Rahul Gandhi missing' posters surface in UP

Posters of 'missing' Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi posters have been put up in various parts of Uttar Pradesh. 

Posters in Mr Gandhi's own constituency are titled "Amethi Without a Leader", and use a Hindi film song to convey their message - "Jaane woh Kaunsa desh, Jahan tum chale Gaye (who knows where you have gone)."  

The posters list problems in Amethi, including bad roads and poor health services, and offer a reward for any information on the Congress MP. They are signed off by anonymous "people of Amethi".

Rahul Gandhi has been on a leave of absence for the last few weeks, just when the crucial Budget Session of Parliament began. 

According to reports, these posters, which have surfaced in UP's Allahabad and Bulandshahr districts, allege that the Congress leader lacks vision as he decided to go on leave during the crucial Budget Session of Parliament. 

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