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Radhakrishna Castigates Naidu, For A Change!

Radhakrishna Castigates Naidu, For A Change!

It is a known fact that Andhra Jyothy managing director V Radhakrishna is a sort of more loyal than king – Andhra Pradesh chief minister and Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu.

The daily and its channel ABN Andhra Jyothy do not hide their pro-TDP stand, despite the comments of “yellow media” from a section of people.

But, on Sunday, Radhakrishna, for a change, made some critical remarks against Naidu.

Apparently, it is a sort of caution, if not warning, for the AP chief minister about growing anti-establishment feeling among the people, which was evident from the way his government has got eighth rank in a latest survey, when compared to the first rank obtained by his Telangana government headed by K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Let us see what suggestions/warnings Radhakrishna has made for Naidu:

1. In the past, Naidu used to project himself as hi-tech chief minister and chant IT mantra, ignoring the rural masses. He is still doing it, causing consternation among people, especially farmers.

2. Though he is focussing too much on Amaravati, there is no actual work at the ground level. As a result, people are losing confidence in his leadership.

3. Naidu has failed to identify his priorities in governance.

4. While KCR hardly appears before the media and at public meetings, Naidu wants to be always visible among the people and give lengthy lectures. Since he is not a good orator, people are getting frustrated in listening to him on a daily basis.

5. The officials are grumbling because of Naidu’s teleconferences early in the morning. These so-called reviews have no seriousness, as a result of which the officials are losing interest. Even the MLAs are unhappy, as they too have to participate in these tele-conferences which do not serve any purpose.

6. Naidu is pampering real estate dealers, who cannot bring reputation to Amaravati.  He has to involve world-class agencies, which can do speeder work.

7. Naidu has completely thrown the party to winds and there is a sort of despair among the cadre at the field level. Right from MLAs to ministers, nobody is able to project the correct picture before Naidu.

8. People do not want Amaravati to be developed into hi—tech and world class city. They want a convenient capital.

9. The present contractor will not be able to complete Polavaram project before the deadline. It is better the project is entrusted to another reputed contractor.

10. Naidu has to change his style of functioning. Otherwise, it will be difficult to restore the losing confidence among the people.



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