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PV Had All Respect For Sonia!

PV Had All Respect For Sonia!

Former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao had a very good relationship with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and had taken good care of her family.

This was disclosed by his own grandson P V Subhash in an interview to a news agency. He denied the talk that PV had not got along well with Sonia when he was the Prime Minister.

“He used to meet Sonia before and after Cabinet meetings, consult her on Cabinet expansions and foreign trips and also hold discussions with her on candidates of her choice ahead of elections,” he said. “What more a Prime Minister can do?” he asked.

He reminded that Sonia Gandhi family was given SPG protection, government funds were released to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and PV took “good care” of the family.

“Many people thought if he (Rao) continued for five years (as PM), people will forget about Nehru-Gandhi family. For their advantage, they have really corrupted her (Sonia’s) mind. I don’t think he (Rao) had any grudge against her. After all, her husband (Rajiv Gandhi) was his leader. Naturally, he has to give some respect,” Subhash said.

He said he met Sonia soon after Rao’s death and made a request for setting up a Trust named after him, for which she promised all support, and he followed it up a month later.

“She was very, very concerned (keen to support the proposal). She explained she had a good relation with him (Rao) and how her husband (Rajiv Gandhi) was close to him and how she was close to him,” Subhash said. But he said after the two meetings, Sonia never gave appointment to him, adding, “some people may have corrupted her mind”.



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