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Poor Sujana Chowdary!

Union Minister Sujana Chowdary for some reason is no longer the favorite of Chandrababu Naidu. Although he continues to be Union Minister, he is no longer the chief liaison man for the TDP in Delhi. 

Against this backdrop, Sujana is doing his best to ingratiate himself with the top BJP leadership and also with Naidu.

In order to win over the RSS top brass, he recently participated in a meeting of an ‘RSS Shakha’ in Guntur.

In the meeting an ABVP leader criticized Chandrababu Naidu left and right and there was nothing that Sujana could do about it.

Now Chandrababu is angry at Sujana participating in an event in which he (Naidu) was vehemently criticized. Poor Sujana! What should he do?



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