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Politics Affecting Rajinikanth's Movie Collections?

Politics Affecting Rajinikanth's Movie Collections?

Sometime ago, a Hollywood website reported that Superstar Rajinikanth has the kind of following most Hollywood actors can only dream about. This seems to be thing of the past. Rajinikanth is slowly losing mania on his home turf.

The hungama and the celebrations that one associates with a Rajinikanth’s movie release have come down drastically of late.

It was quite evident when ‘Kaala’ hit the screens and similar is the case when “2.0” was released last week in Tamilandu.

While the film’s collections are strong in North India (for Hindi version) and in Telugu states (for Telugu version), the collections in Tamilnadu are pretty ordinary, not on par with Rajinikanth’s old big hits.

Since he has announced his decision of floating political party, collections for his movies have started dwindling, an analyst observes.

The Tamil people are seeing him as an agent of BJP. Tamil people are dead against the Modi’s policies. Hence, they have started showing less inclination towards Rajinikanth’s movies though they still like him as demigod of screen. 

Rajinikanth’s political views are affecting the collections, analysts say.

“2.0” in Tamilnadu is performing in strong manner in Chennai city but in the interior Tamilnadu it is on weak pitch.

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