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Plight of AP capital farmers: Lost lands, now houses too!

Plight of AP capital farmers: Lost lands, now houses too!

The TDP government in Andhra Pradesh is playing not only with the livelihood of farmers who gave away their valuable agriculture lands for new capital city Amaravathi, but also with their lives now.

After taking away their valuable lands by promising to give developed plots in the capital city without clarifying where they would get plots, the TDP government is now trying to take away their homes in villages too and demolish them on the grounds of taking up a 'planned development of capital city'.

AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is said to have asked officials to clear all the villages that fall under Capital Region Development Area (CRDA) limits so that a planned development of city can be taken up.

Though no one finds fault with Babu's decision of developing a planned capital city, what has been creating fears among innocent villagers that they are being kept completely in the dark.

The government is not making any official public announcement in this regard. Everything is being done in a very secret manner creating panic among villagers.

Officials are coming into the villages such as Tallaayapalem, Uddaayapalem, Lingaayapale, Uddaamdayapalem etc, marking the houses of villagers giving indications that they would be demolished and simply leaving without informing anything to villagers over what they are going to do and where they would be accommodated.

Villagers are already deeply worried over losing their valuable lands and livelihood. They are now even more worried over losing their shelter too and where to find alternate accommodation for their families.

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