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Pic Talk: The Legacy Goes On!

CHENNAI: To show he remains in charge of Tamil Nadu, O Panneerselvam is reporting to work today at the Chief Minister's office after a week-long hiatus which has allowed a political drama of huge dimensions.

Mr Panneerselvam, who took charge of the state after J Jayalalithaa died in December while she was Chief Minister, says he must remain the head of the government. Backing him are a small but influential group of leaders from the AIADMK.

However, they are up against VK Sasikala, who is bolstered by nearly 120 state legislators, who remain ensconced at a five-star resort to safeguard them from switching sides.

Ms Sasikala says that because the majority of the party forms her team, she must get the right as quickly as possible to win a trust vote in the legislature which would establish her as Chief Minister.

Bow To Sasikala
Such servitude was very much in evidence during the time of Jayalalitha. The same is on display again in Tamil Nadu.

This photograph clearly shows why Sasikala is the natural successor to Jayalalitha as she is getting the same treatment from party MLAs that was accorded to Jaya. 



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