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Pawan's Publicity Wing Tests Media Patience!

Pawan's Publicity Wing Tests Media Patience!

Jana Sena Party president and actor Pawan Kalyan is yet to come out of the aura he had during his stint in the film industry.

He seems to be taking the media for granted, under the impression that whatever he says is news for the media which has to invariably publish it.

And like in the days of his film career, Pawan remains inaccessible to the media. He doesn’t give interviews to the media despite repeated requests, unless he desires to do so.

His publicity wing sends regular press releases and videos to the media on his programmes and they have to carry the same.

His media managers, too, send lengthy press releases running into pages on Pawan’s speeches without even bothering whether there would be any space in the media to give such a big coverage.

On Friday night, Jana Sena publicity wing sent a press release on the “first list” of party committees with women members.

He claimed that these committees headed by women members was aimed at political empowerment of women.

He formed a central committee, a general administration department and several other committees dominated by women.

So far so good. But what has shocked the media persons was the length of the press release. It has more than 2,800 words running into more than 10 pages.

No newspaper can afford to publish such a lengthy press release which would take more than half a page to fill up!

What is worse, Pawan has also given the caste break-up of candidates in the committees.

Though it is not uncommon for other political parties, it is rather surprising on the part of Pawan to name the castes of the leaders, because he claims to be building up the party above caste lines. So, why mentioning the castes?

Anyways, the media gave a small item in some inside pages on the lengthy press note!



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