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Pawan's First Victory Over TV Channels!

Pawan's First Victory Over TV Channels!

When was the last time that all the industry people met at one place? It’s really tough to remember because Industry biggies are unable to find time to come together owing to their busy schedules.

Memu Saitam event which was meant to collect funds for Vizag Hudhud cyclone victims was the last event that brought many stars in Tollywood to one place.

After ages, today many big stars from Tollywood gathered at one place to discuss few issues related to industry. Keeping all their works aside, many have made their presence for the meeting.

What was the purpose of the meeting and what did they conclude in the meeting?

Actually, main agenda of the meeting was to talk over few TV Channels personal attack on Actor and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan lately claimed that few TV channels like TV9, ABN, TV5 and Mahaa News have been targeting him for almost six months and there is a huge conspiracy behind it.

Initially, everyone took Pawan Kalyan very casually and continued to air programs against him.

Apparently, they thought Pawan Kalyan will restrict his fight just to social media. Although it appeared as if Pawan wasn’t doing anything, rather than posting tweets to express his distress, the latest developments show that lots of unanticipated things happened all these days.

From past few days, TV channels have stopped conducting debates against Pawan Kalyan or any issues related to Telugu Film Industry.

Recent meeting that was attended by members of directors, producers, actors and writers association sent shivering wave to TV channels as a proposal of boycotting few channels was raised there.

And today’s big stars meeting is definitely another big shock for one section of media that tried to defame Pawan Kalyan.

Although no big decision was taken in the meeting, Pawan Kalyan succeeded to show his power by making many bigwigs in the industry to lend their support for him.

What’s more, his big brother Chiranjeevi took the initiation to conduct today’s meeting that was attended by many actors.

Can we call it as Pawan Kalyan’s first victory over TV Channels? Will TV Channels stop cornering Pawan Kalyan or they wait till new resolutions to be passed from industry bigwigs in next meetings?

On the other hand, mega fans are happy that the latest developments helped to unite all mega heroes. They have already extended their full support to Pawan Kalyan and his fight against TV channels.



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