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Pawan's Film Shoots In The Hands Of YCP Leaders?

Pawan's Film Shoots In The Hands Of YCP Leaders?

It looks as if the ruling YSR Congress leaders are playing the mind game with Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan if a series of developments observed. 

YSR Congress leaders Perni Nani, Kodali Nani, Kurasala Kanna Babu, Botsa Satyanarayana have been critical of Pawan Kalyan. 

They make strong criticism of the Jana Sena chief every time they appear before the media. 

Though some other leaders also criticise, it is observed that Pawan Kalyan gets irritated and goes into hiding at least for 48 hours. 

This attitude of Pawan Kalyan is said to be disturbing his film schedules causing severe inconvenience to the co-stars and other members of the 24 crafts. 

He skipped the film shoots several times in the past, particularly in the shooting of Agnatavaasi, Vakeel Saab, Bheemla Nayak and other films. 

He stopped film shootings during the TDP regime between 2014 and 2019. However, for different reasons, he resumed shooting after the 2019 elections. 

But, whenever the YSR Congress leaders criticise him Pawan Kalyan skips his shooting and goes hiding at least for two days. 

He gets disturbed badly and gets himself isolated every time the YSR Congress leaders criticise him. 

It is said that he finds a way to ventilate his disturbance by addressing his party workers or the media and thus gets back to his normal mood and attends the film schedules. 

Sources say that Pawan Kalyan had signed at least five movies before the 2024 elections and the shooting schedules of these films are badly hit every time the YSR Congress leaders criticise him. 

He gets disturbed mostly when Kodali Nani, Perni Nani and Kurasala Kanna Babu criticise him. 

Having understood the mood swings of the Jana Sena chief, the YSR Congress leaders are targeting Pawan Kalyan whenever he gets busy with his shooting and thus disturb him and his schedule!

With the YCP and the TDP getting into poll mode, the YCP leaders are sure of attacking Pawan Kalyan frequently and disturb him. 

It is to be seen how the Jana Sena chief would be able to handle this situation and complete his film shootings before he also gets engaged in electioneering.


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