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Pawan Taking Cautious Steps In Politics

Pawan Taking Cautious Steps In Politics

Power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan seems to have learnt a lesson from his brother Chiranjeevi, who failed to sustain the Praja Rajyam Party which he had founded in 2008 with a lot of fanfare and hype.

Once-bitten-twice-shy Pawan does not want his Praja Rajyam Party experience to be repeated with his Jana Sena Party.

Chiranjeevi got tremendous response from the people and massive support from his fans, he failed to convert this craze among them into votes.

By the time he realised that elections are a different ball game, his experiment with politics fizzled out and he had no option but to merge it with the Congress party.

Sources said Pawan is going in a calculated manner. He knows he has a huge fan following among the youth, but he is also aware of the fact that caste factor plays a key role in the elections.

So, while giving an impression that he is fighting for the people’s issues, he is also silently encouraging the Kapu leaders in the party to ensure that their vote bank is solidly behind him.

Unlike his brother, who banked purely on his fans, Pawan Kalyan is said to be working out strategies to convert fan following into votes at the booth-level.

At the same time, his party is designing a vision document that would form a basis for his manifesto.

“It doesn’t require years to build the party from top to bottom. We are going to do it within the next couple of months,” a party leader said.



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