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Pawan On Chalore Chalore Chal... Tour!

Pawan On Chalore Chalore Chal... Tour!

After going into a virtual political oblivion for quite some time due to busy shooting schedule, power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan is going to be back into political action, albeit for a short period.

Pawan will kick-off his three-day political journey in the name of “Chalore Chalore Chal..” from Wednesday in both the Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

On the day one, he will call on the family of Murali, a post-graduate student of Osmania University, who committed suicide.

He said Murali’s suicide out of depression that he might not get job forever, had created a lot of anguish. He appealed to the students not to lose heart and resort to extreme step, but fight for their rights.

Secondly, Pawan will call on the family of Venkatesh, employee of Dredging Corporation of India of Visakhapatnam, fearing that he might lose his job since the BJP government has decided to privatise it. He will go to Vizianagaram to call on the family.

Thirdly, he would go to Ongole to call on the families of 22 persons who died in tragic boat tragedy in Krishna river in Vijayawada.

By taking up these incidents, Pawan’s strategy appears to be to target three governments – the TRS government in Telangana, BJP government in the Centre and the TDP government in Andhra Pradesh.

Let us wait and see how he will attack these parties!



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