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Pawan Kalyan Worrying For Dubbak Result

Pawan Kalyan Worrying For Dubbak Result

Fortune knocks the door only once and the one who opens it immediately will be the luckiest person. Pawan Kalyan's door was knocked by Fortune in the name of Dubbak bypoll. 

He was invited to campaign on behalf of BJP in Dubbak. But it is known that Power Star's power is only confined to Andhra but not Telangana.

He has no dare to stand opposite TRS and campaign for someone else. So he kept quiet releasing a Press Note.

But now the result is positive for BJP. Had Power Star gone to the campaign he might have claimed his share in the win. Analyzing the same, Power Star is now worried, say sources. 

Keeping that aside, it looks Pawan Kalyan has become very careful in selecting the words to congratulate BJP on the victory.

He took utmost care by not including the words like TRS and KCR in his tweet.

Had it been in AP, he might have easily mentioned, "A lesson taught to YCP" and "Jagan has eaten the blow". 

Now, keeping in mind, will he come forward to campaign in the upcoming GHMC elections? But it is again a doubt. 

Recently Power Star has praised the TRS government by calling it a 'progressive and constructive government'. He also said that he gave his part of donation only knowing this. 

So, how can he now say that it is not progressive and constructive in the GHMC election campaign? 

So, in any aspect, Power Star proves to be not useful for BJP in Telangana State. His fear and sycophancy to TRS is a big hurdle for the state BJP to use him.

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