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Pawan Kalyan To Fight On 32 Issues!

Pawan Kalyan To Fight On 32 Issues!

Jana Sena Party, a regional political outfit founded by power star Pawan Kalyan, has completed three years on Tuesday.

It was exactly on this day three years ago that Pawan launched his party at a public meeting amidst a lot of hype and hoopla.

In the last three years, the Jana Sena chief took to streets on quite a few issues some of which really moved the Chandrababu Naidu government in Andhra Pradesh.

But somehow, Pawan could not emerge as a strong political force to reckon with, as he is mostly confined to raising the issues on social media, rather than building up the party into a full-fledged organisation from grass-roots to the top.

However, on Tuesday, Pawan came up with a list of 32 issues of public concern on which he would continue his fight.

Some of the major issues he referred to are: land acquisition, mining leases, agriculture, healthcare, education, irrigation, women safety and empowerment, industrialisation, law and order, demographic dividend and employment, corruption, judiciary, public transportation and safety, liquor and excise policy, pollution, social and tribal welfare, civil rights and liberties etc.

In fact, he covered most of the issues that are part of the agenda of any other political party. May be, he will give clarity on them in his real election manifesto.

At the same time, Pawan launched two public forums to give him the feedback. One is: Janaswaram, which is a platform for public to participate in policy making.

“We wish to listen to your opinions/ideas/suggestions on policy issues,” he said.

The second one is NRI CONNECT, which is meant for reaching out to the overseas support base.

“The attempt is to consolidate them on our platform and seek their mind share,” he said.



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