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Pawan Kalyan Ready For Snap Polls!

Pawan Kalyan Ready For Snap Polls!

The sudden statement from Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu that the general election to the state assembly and Lok Sabha are not far off and his call asking his party cadres to gear up for early polls came as a big surprise to many parties.

More than any other party, it was Jana Sena Party, founded by power star Pawan Kalyan, which declared that it was ready for the polls. In his twitter message on Saturday, Pawan Kalyan declared that “Jana Sena” was ready for the electoral battle, whenever it was announced.

“We are geared up to take a plunge into the elections,” Pawan declared.

The Jana Sena Party president seems to have thought fighting elections is as easy as shooting a film. It requires massive preparation to take a plunge into the battle.

As of now, Jana Sena has no party structure from top to bottom. He has just started recruiting people for his committees in Anantapur but has not taken up any membership drive.

The party has to have a wide network of people across length and breadth of the state. And then, he has to set up committees from booth level to the state –level and entrust them with the responsibilitiy of attracting voters. Above all, selection of candidates is a Herculean task.

Even if he starts the process now, Pawan Kalyan might not be able to catch the speed of other parties in finalising the candidates.



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