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Pawan Kalyan Losing It With Senseless Tweets

Pawan Kalyan Losing It With Senseless Tweets

Everyone sympathized with Pawan Kalyan when he posted emotional tweets regarding the cold-blooded verbal abuse directed at him and his mother.

Many from the film industry came in support of him. However, Pawan Kalyan didn’t talk to media as he didn’t have a plan to take on the offenders.

Fans got feelers that Pawan Kalyan is planning a protest march on that day. That didn’t happen and later fans were informed that he will address his fans and media on the next day.

Pawan didn’t come out of his office, but continued to post a barrage of tweets against various news channels.

In his defense, Pawan posted a couple of videos and news clippings to expose the CEO of a news channel. But that was an old video that has nothing to do with the CEO’s reputation or Pawan’s allegations against him.

Pawan is clearly being misguided and totally clueless about taking on those media channels.

In fact Pawan’s ignorance is helping the news channels to air new shows on him. His cluelessness and baseless allegations are now being discussed everywhere.

Media no longer require people like Kathi Mahesh or Sri Reddy to target him. His current state of mind and ‘tweetathon’ is enough to counter him and his leadership skills.

Pawan should put an end to this at the earliest and get back to work. Even fans will ignore Pawan if he continues to stick to Twitter with pointless tweets against media.



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