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Pawan Kalyan Has 62 Acres of Land in Amaravathi!?

Pawan Kalyan Has 62 Acres of Land in Amaravathi!?

Wondering why Pawan Kalyan has been making hue and cry over the shifting of capital city from Amaravathi? Here is the answer. 

According to some documents that have gone viral on social media, Pawan Kalyan has a personal interest in keeping Amaravathi as the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. He’s not striving to fight for the farmers nor does he have any public interest.

If the capital city gets moved out of Amaravathi, the value of his assets go down. That is his cry.

Some registration documents that are in circulation in social media suggest that Pawan Kalyan has 62 acres of land in a village called Mandadam in the Amaravathi capital region.

Some lands allegedly registered under his name and some acres on his family members’ names.

Did he buy the farmlands on his own? He had earlier claimed that he didn’t even have enough funds to pay the rent of his office and the staff members.

In his election affidavit, he had filed that he owed money to some producers. Then how did he buy these lands? Is it a quid pro quo from then ruling Telugu Desam Party and Chandrababu Naidu to Pawan Kalyan?

If these documents are real, it is pretty evident that he and all the TDP gang that is doing drama is to keep the value for their lands, not for the development of the state. They are working for their interests, not for the people.

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