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Pawan Kalyan Got Exposed Say Fans

Pawan Kalyan Got Exposed Say Fans

The four day 'Chalo Re Chal' may have benefited Pawan Kalyan as he is back in news after a long time but it has not gone well with some his die-hard fans.

They say this entire tour has exposed Pawan Kalyan’s lack of knowledge on many issues and moreover, it has now become crystal clear that he is acting on behalf of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

“This has cost Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena very dearly in the next elections,” said a director who is die hard mega fan.

His reasoning is that the majority of Kapus are now demanding to be in power and want Pawan in commanding position rather than serving as puppet to Naidu.

“Also it has become Eka Sena, not Jana Sena. Other than Pawan Kalyan, no strong leader exists in the party. No one is condemning or giving clarification when someone is raising critical points against Pawan Kalyan.

There is no one else in the party to condemn a small fish like Katthi Mahesh. Imagine if bigger fish starts attacking, how would be the situation?” asks Rajesh, a fan and follower of Jana Sena.

The ‘Chalo Re Chal’ tour has made the political pundits to believe that Pawan Kalyan is just all noise.



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