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Pawan Kalyan bats for women's quota bill

After speaking on various issues of public concern, power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan shifted his focus on women’s issues.

In an open letter on the occasion of International Women’s Day on Wednesday, Pawan Kalyan recalled the age-old saying that gods prefer to visit those places where women are revered.

He said omen have been struggling over the decades for equal rights and to get justice but now, there is a need for passage of Woman's Reservation Bill in the Parliament. 

He said the celebrations should not be confined only to paper and that the women's rights need to be fulfilled. Seeking the right to freedom and independence for women, Pawan Kalyan further stated that this would be possible when a woman can walk freely in the night.

Well, Pawan should start giving prominence to female characters in his films, rather than projecting them as mere dancing dolls. That is the most important way of paying tributes to womenfolk.



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