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Pawan Doesn't Know, Jagan Won't Understand!

With his political rivals mounting an attack from all sides on the contentious Polavaram issue, Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu is losing his cool and patience.

Naidu, who made an aerial survey of the Polavaram project works on Monday and reviewed the progress with the officials, took his political critics for task for making statements without knowing the factual position of Polavaram project.

“Everybody, who doesn’t know head or tail of the project, has been making critical comments against the project and saying it won’t be completed within the deadline. They should study all the technical details of the project before making any statements,” he said,

Referring to the statements made by Pawan Kalyan expressing dissatisfaction over the progress of works and the allegations made by Jagan about the corruption involved in the cost escalation of the project, Naidu said: “Pawan doesn’t know anything, while Jagan doesn’t understand anything.”

He said leaders who didn’t even know what a diaphragm wall was all about were making stupid comments.

“It is not necessary that everybody should know all the technical details, but before making criticism, they should at least make a study about them. Though I have been visiting the project frequently, I am still trying to learn the nuances of the project works by talking to the authorities and engineers,” he said.



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