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Pawan Confirms Contest From Anantapur

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan on Sunday reiterated that he was going to contest the next assembly elections from Anantapur.

“Come what may, I will contest from Anantapur in the next elections. I am not going to beat retreat even if there are thousand hurdles in my path,” Pawan said, addressing the newly-recruited content writers and speakers for the Jana Sena Party from Anantapur.

Reacting to the comments from some sections that he was only a part-time politician and not a full-time politician, Pawan Kalyan sought to know which politician was doing full time politics these days.

“These so-called leaders had come into politics only to earn thousands of crores of rupees and investing them in various business activities. They are doing business out of politics. Are they serving people all through their life?” he asked.

Pawan clarified that he was acting in films and taking remuneration only to sustain his family and hundreds of others who were dependant on him.

“I have a lot of respect towards film industry. But my priority is to serve the people. For that, I will not hesitate to opt out of films,” he asserted.



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