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Pawan Blames Naidu For Lack Of Security

Pawan Blames Naidu For Lack Of Security

Strange are the ways of actor-turned-Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan.

It was only a month ago that he had returned his security personnel provided to him by the Andhra Pradesh government on the suspicion that the ruling Telugu Desam Party was using the security men as spying agents.

The TDP government provided him with high security cover with four armed police security personnel guarding him in two shifts.

But Pawan Kalyan felt that these gunmen are keeping a tab on the people coming to meet him, besides stealing the information about his party and his movements.

But in the last three days, Pawan has realised the importance of the security for him.

Being a film personality, he still enjoys a lot of craze among the people, especially youth and they would storm him if he goes into people.

In the last three days of his Jana Porata Yatra in Srikakulam district, Pawan had to face a lot of security issues, as huge number of fans and people thronged his meetings.

Though the local police made bandobust arrangements for his meetings, it was grossly inadequate.

Especially, there is no personal security for him, except his own private bouncers. So, whenever people came to see him closely, the bouncers had to push them back, leading to clashes.

Now, Pawan is blaming the Chandrababu government for not providing him adequate security. And he is alleging that the police are not helping him because of instructions from the TDP bosses.

“If something happens to Pawan during his yatra on account of lack of security, Naidu will be held responsible,” his party leader Mahender Reddy said.

At least now, it is better Pawan apply for personal security again so that he can travel safely.



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