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Pawan Awaiting Yellow Group's Green Signal!

Pawan Awaiting Yellow Group's Green Signal!

Until yesterday, there was a prevailing belief that influential figures at the Center had urged Pawan Kalyan not to proceed with the Varahi Yatra till they give green signal. 

However, the true reason has now come to light.

It appears that the TDP and its allied media advised Pawan Kalyan to maintain silence, as the news of Chandrababu Naidu's arrest would be overshadowed if Pawan took to the streets. 

Consequently, Pawan is currently spending his time in his Mangalagiri office, seemingly awaiting a signal from pro-TDP media.

This is the current situation of Pawan Kalyan. He finds himself unable to act freely and independently, but claims that he would lead the crippled TDP.


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