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Opinion: Hats Off To Chandrababu Naidu's Power

Opinion: Hats Off To Chandrababu Naidu's Power

Chandrababu is powerless now. Neither he is the Chief Minister of any state nor he is a strong opponent to the ruling party with a good number of MLAs on his side. But still he has shown his power in a way.

Chandrababu is known for his invincible media management skills and that surfaced again at present. Both the Telugu states know that TDP lost miserably in the pending local elections, especially in Chandrababu's own constituency Kuppam.

Generally, as the constituency belongs to the ex Chief Minister, National Media covers it in a big way. That too, the party is seeing this miserable condition for the first time since its inception. Surprisingly no media house outside the Telugu states covered this news. That's the art of media management. Something that is supposed to be impossible in a democracy, is being made possible by the TDP supremo.

On the other hand, it is a pity on the side of YSRCP. They never understand the need for national media support and they are also poor in managing the top media houses. Every small news which is against the YSRCP government finds its place in national media.

Nothing wrong in learning a strong point from a weak opponent. Hello YCP! Are you listening?! 

Usha Chowdhary

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