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Opinion: Andhra Jyothy Writes False History Shamelessly

Opinion: Andhra Jyothy Writes False History Shamelessly

The only daily that writes a countless number of lies in the guise of journalism is nothing but AndhraJyothy. But the pity is that it never knows the art of telling lies. It wishes to replace history with its propaganda. But the history never vanishes by tearing some pages. The daily keeps on writing false stories despite knowing that people know the facts.

Freshly an article in this described as if the distribution of money to the voters was started by KCR And YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The daily has conveniently kept aside the truth that Chandrababu was the pioneer in money distribution. Until 1999, the TDP and Congress party contestants used to distribute Rs 100 or Rs 150 to the voters in slum areas during elections. But it was Chandrababu who for the first time showed Rs 500 note to many voters in the year 1999. Those were the days when that note was a big one even for the middle and above middle class families.

Chandrababu rewrote the history by distributing that big note to many voters successfully.

By the year 2004, Chandrababu made the amount Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. So as a competition, the remaining parties also started spending that kind of money.

It was always Chandrababu who has been setting the benchmark for money distribution during elections.

Even during Nandyal Elections four years ago, Chandrababu publicly declared that he was capable of distributing Rs 5000 per vote.

Above all it was the vote for note case that proved who was the man behind spending Rs 50 lakh to buy a single vote. ACB caught the culprits and that was known for all.

Keeping these many historical truths in existence, ABN tried to hide Babu's name.

That's the reason why this daily lost its credibility among the general public. Other than making some Kamma community people and TDP sympathizers happy with false stories, there is no use of this daily at all.

Kiran Sharma


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