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Not Worried About The People's Reaction At All

Sujana Chowdary bought himself a ticket to the Rajya Sabha and thereby did not even have to contest the elections.

In that sense, he is not a direct representative of the people. And despite being an acknowledged loan defaulter, he was made Union Minister of State for Science and Technology.

So what kind of responsibility can be expected of a Minister with such antecedents?

His brazenness is unbelievable. When the people are rising up in ager against the TDP and BJP over the unfulfilled promise of special status to AP, Sujana Chowdary actually makes a statement that AP does not need special status and will settle for special packages.

On whose authority did Sujana make this statement? On what basis did he make this statement? That he has been emboldened to make this statement shows that he is not at all worried about the response of the people.



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