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Not A Practical Thought!

Not A Practical Thought!

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that the time has come to do away with five-year plans and think long-term by going in for at least fifteen year-plans.

He says that while five-year plans have proved to be effective, it is time to think long term considering the fast pace of change in the micro and macro environments.

The PM's idea may not be bereft of merit but is it feasible in our country where governments change every five years and sometimes even earlier?

Assume that the BJP chalks out a fifteen year plan and loses power in the next election. What guarantee is there that the new government will persist with the policies of the previous government?

In which case, the investments, works-in-progress and other works initiated by them would have gone in waste. And we are talking about lakhs of crores here. Maybe it will work for a country like China but in India? Not sure!



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