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No rest for YSRC leaders during Jagan padayatra!

If any YSR Congress party leader thinks he can relax when Jagan goes on his Praja Sankalpam Padayatra for six months, he will be in for disappointment.

Jagan on Thursday finalised a four-month long campaign for all the YSRC leaders and cadre. It is called “Rachabanda” which will start on November 11 and will go on for four months.

As part of the programme, the party leaders would have to visit selected villages in their constituencies and conduct meetings to discuss grievances of people and understand their aspirations.

While the MLAs and party leaders in the constituencies in which Jagan undertakes padayatra will be busy with their programmes, their counterparts in other constituencies will have to participate in Rachabanda programme continuously. The programme will extend over 120 days and will cover all 175 constituencies in the state.

One lakh party booth members will participate along with 15,000 influencers to hold more than 5000 meetings and gather above 50 lakh singatures supporting YSRCP's demand for special status.

The total outreach of Rachabanda is expected to be 2.5 crore people across the state. The campaign will hence touch more than 50 lakh households and 5000 habitats.

As part of the Rachabanda programme, the MLAs will have to do Palle Nidra (a night stay at a local's house in a selected village) and a door-to-door drive to propogate the need for special category status.

So, it will be a hectic year for the YSRC leaders!



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