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No Good or Bad Relations With RGV: Chiranjeevi

Even as Ram Gopal Varma attacking Naga Babu on Twitter over the latter's acerbic comments against him, Chiranjeevi takes this whole controversy lightly.

"Personally I don't feel it is necessary to respond to the comments made on social media by Ram Gopal Varma or other persons", Megastar Chiranjeevi reacted on this issue.

He further elaborated on this issue. He said: "My family members are hurt with Ram Gopal Varma constantly targeting us and ridiculing us for no fault. By nature Nagababu is emotional person and so he responded on the stage for the comments made by RGV. The tone of Nagababu may not be right but there is no wrong in reacting to the targeted mudslinging."

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Long back, Ram Gopal Varma directed a movie with Chiranjeevi as hero but the film didn't see the light of the day. Was it the reason why RGV is targeting Chiru and his family? Megastar replies," I don't think so. Actually I don't know the reason."

Why Chiranjeevi and Ram Gopal Varm's film dropped off? "In the case of our film, it was Ram Gopal Varm who walked away from the film after canning a song and a scene. He said Sanjay Dutt came out from prison and he had to make a movie with Sanjay Dutt and walked out from our film. Then he made Daud," Chiranjeevi explained.  

How are the relations between Chiranjeevi and Ram Gopal Varma now? He promptly replied, "Neither good nor bad."



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