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Naidu shows media management skills again!

Naidu shows media management skills again!

Perhaps, there none to match Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the country in terms of media management.

It was once again proved in the last two days. While YSR Congress party has been fighting tooth and nail for the special category status for several months, it hardly got any attention in the media.

Even when his party leaders held a massive dharna at Parliament Street in New Delhi and courted arrest, the national media gave it a very little coverage, thanks to the poor media management skills of party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

However, it was TDP and Naidu all the way in the headlines of all the national media, including print and electronic media, for the last 10 days ever since he withdrew two ministers from the Central cabinet.

Every day, the TDP had been hogging the media limelight with the agitations in parliament and Naidu with his vitriolic speeches in the assembly.

Though it was YSRC which gave the first notice for no-confidence motion against the NDA government on special category status issue, it did not get much attention.

But the moment Naidu withdrew from the NDA and gave a separate notice, all the media ran after the TDP and Naidu.

Even the Congress and the other parties started taking the no-confidence motion seriously only after the TDP gave the notice for the simple reason that the national media played it up prominently.

At the same time, all said and done, Naidu has a bigger clout in the other parties, compared to Jagan. And his media managers worked over time in projecting it, downplaying Jagan’s efforts.

Something Jagan should learn from his rival, if he wants to make an impact!



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