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Naidu Hesitant To Ban Ilaiah Book!

The controversial book of retired professor and social activist Kancha Ilaiah against Vysya community (traders), accusing them of being social smugglers, has triggered a lot unrest in the Telugu states, so much so that Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu contemplated banning of the book in the state.

Naidu discussed the issue with senior officials including Director General of Police (DGP) N Sambasiva Rao at Secretariat, in the wake of serious protests from the Vysya community, which took out rallies in various places in the last three days.

Andhra Pradesh Arya Vysya Corporation Sadhana Samithi Corporation chairman Konejeti Ramesh said that the books should be banned immediately.

He alleged that Ilaiah wrote book to create disputes among the various sections of people. He said that this kind of books would harm to the society.

However, senior party leaders reportedly advised Naidu against banning the book, because it would prove counter-productive to the party.

They reminded that the backward classes were the backbone of the party and any decision to ban the book or arresting Kancha Iliah would trigger unrest in the BCs which might ultimately prove costly to the TDP.

After that, Naidu decided that the government adopt a wait and watch approach. He told the DGP that maintenance of law and order was more important.

He asked the police to maintain restraint and allow the Vysyas to protest, but ensure that there is no violence. Le the issue fizzle out on its own, Naidu told the police.



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