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Nagababu Gives Big Push To Pawan Kalyan!

Nagababu Gives Big Push To Pawan Kalyan!

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has categorically declared several times in the past that he has no ambition of coming to power in Andhra Pradesh.

He only said he would contest the 2019 assembly elections and if elected as an MLA, he would raise the people’s issues in the Assembly with a strong voice.

However, his brother Nagababu strongly believes that Pawan Kalyan would definitely come to power in the state in 2019 elections.

“Not as a brother, but as a voter, I strongly believe that Pawan will come to power in the next elections and become the chief minister of the state. He has all the abilities to become a chief minister and has the zeal to serve the people,” he said.

Nagababu defended his brother for continuing to act in the films instead of concentrating on politics.

“Everybody knows it requires huge money to run a political party and fight the elections. So far, Pawan has not borrowed any party funds from anybody. He has spent money from his own pocket for all his meetings. He is acting in films only to mobilise financial resources to fight the next elections. What is wrong in it?” he asked.

Such positive support from Nagababu would definitely be a big push for Pawan Kalyan, who is virtually waging a lone battle without any cooperation from his family members so far.

May be as the elections approach, all the family members including Chiranjeevi would stand by Pawan Kalyan!



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