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Mudragada Stir A Damp Squib: Bad Planning?

Mudragada Stir A Damp Squib: Bad Planning?

As expected, the Andhra Pradesh police did not allow former minister and Kapu strongman Mudragada Padmanabham to take out his much publicised 'Chalo Assembly' padayatra from his Kirlampudi residence in East Godavari to Amaravati on Wednesday.

As soon as he came out of his house and walked up to the gate along with a few Kapu JAC leaders, the police prevented him. After a brief argument with the police, Mudragada returned to his house.

The police declared that the Kapu leader would be placed under house arrest for 24 hours under Section 151 of CrPC and if he makes any attempt to re-start the padayatra, he would be pushed back into the house.

The entire village of Kirlampudi and the surrounding villages of Konaseema were turned into a fortress by the police.

Prohibitory orders of Section 30 of the Police Act and Section 144 of CrPC have been imposed in the area. Drone cameras are reportedly being used to keep an eye on the Padayatra.

What has surprised everybody was the way Mudragada meekly yielded to the police pressures and retreated saying he would take out the padayatra whenever he was allowed to by the police.

All that he said was that the police were trying to curtail his rights and said that he would undertake the march under any circumstances.

Obviously, it was a bad planning by the Mudragada and his JAC leaders.

According to political analysts, Mudragada was focussing only on his own padayatra from Kirlampudi instead of converting his agitation into a mass movement.

He should have planned simultaneous rallies from different parts of the state that would converge at Amaravati.

All the plans should have been kept in wraps, but Mudragada asked the Kapus only to join him in the padayatra.

Naturally, the government will not allow this and try to crush it using police force.

The police detained several prominent Kapu leaders across the district well in advance and did not allow anybody to reach Kirlampudi.

And as long as Mudragada takes it as his own personal prestige, the police will have an upper hand and he can never take up the yatra.

Instead, he should rework his strategy and convert it into a mass movement, say the analysts.



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