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Media Business Still Luring Politicians!

Media Business Still Luring Politicians!

It is now an established fact that media business is not a lucrative proposition these days. Except a few established ones, most of television channels and media houses have been running in heavy losses so much so that they are not even able to pay salaries to their staff for several months.

Yet, for politicians, having a media house seems to be a matter of prestige. Knowing fully well that the media houses are running in losses, some politicians are evincing interest in establishing new channels or taking over of existing channels.

For example, former MP and present Congress MLC Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy has taken over two defunct television channels – Raj News and Vissa TV and is planning to relaunch them with new look.

He hired a senior journalist who had worked for Sakshi channel in the past. The groundwork is completed and the channel is now in the process of recruiting staff.

In Andhra Pradesh, too, two more media houses are said to be coming up shortly. YSR Congress party MLA and senior leader Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy and his son Mithun Reddy are contemplating launching a new television channel.

One does not know what purpose the channel would serve, as the YSRC already has Sakshi channel to propagate the party activities.

Another media house is said to be coming up from the family of late Bhuma Nagi Reddy. His younger daughter Mounika Reddy has also announced her interest to enter the media business. How and when and for what purpose are yet to be known.

However, it is quite obvious that politicians are seeking more visibility among the people and publicity through their media houses. All that they are doing is using senior journalists as mere tools!



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