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Maybe He Is The Smartest Of Them All

If Pawan Kalyan holds a press meet, then the visiting journalists have a hard time trying to figure out what exactly the power star is saying.

He meanders from one topic to the other, rakes up issues long forgotten and ultimately leaves the people as confused as ever regarding his objective. But ultimately, he may be the smartest person in the two Telugu states.

Andhra Politicians cannot aspire for power in Telangana and vice-versa. But, Pawan Kalyan by supporting the TDP in Andhra Desam and TRS in Telangana is clearly having the best of both worlds. It’s a bilingual guaranteed to succeed.

When the chances of his victory are slim, he can make it worth his while by canvassing for the ruling parties and when anti-incumbency reaches a high and the time is ripe, he can then contest seriously and make the most of the situation.

Who was it who said that Pawan Kalyan was not a smart politician?



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