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Madam, visit Vijayawada every weekend please!

Madam, visit Vijayawada every weekend please!

It has been extremely tough for the IAS officers to work under the Chandrababu Naidu regime. They had experienced it during his previous tenure in the combined Andhra Pradesh and again now, as he does not sleep nor does he let the IAS officers sleep.

After Naidu shifted his administration to Amaravati, he has been staying at his Undavalli residence.

Occasionally, Naidu used to go to Hyderabad during weekends to spend time with his family – wife Bhuvaneshwari, son Lokesh and his grandson Devansh.

Now that Lokesh is also a minister in his cabinet, he too has been confined to Amaravati and Bhuvaneshwari has been coming to Amaravati on Sunday before returning to Hyderabad the following day.

On the other hand, the IAS officers have their families and permanent residences in Hyderabad and they have been coming to Vijayawada and Amaravati during weekday and returning to Hyderabad during weekends.

Of late, they are not able to spend time with their families in Hyderabad, as Naidu is holding them up in Amaravati during Saturday and Sunday, too, in the name of teleconferences, video conferences and review meetings.

Last Sunday, however, they had a reprieve, as Bhuvaneshwari came to Vijayawada and Naidu wanted to spend some time with the family on the New Year eve.

The officers who came to Naidu’s place to greet him saw the Madam and greeted her too. And some of the officials told her, in a rather jovial manner, that it would be better Bhuvaneshwari came there every Saturday and Sunday.

“Please madam. You should come to Amaravati every weekend and engage the CM sir. This will give us a lot of relief,” an IAS officer said.

It may sound a joke, but it also shows how much stress the IAS officers are undergoing under Naidu regime.



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