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Lokesh In Delhi To Escape Arrest?

Lokesh In Delhi To Escape Arrest?

Chandrababu's arrest has created a significant stir. Steps are being taken to rally support for Chandrababu on a nationwide scale by TDP groups. 

In recent days, there have been whispers suggesting that Chandrababu's arrest is not the only focus of the YCP agenda; there may be other arrests in the line. Rumors have also circulated regarding Nara Lokesh's inclusion on that list.

In this context, a particular narrative has emerged among the party's sympathizers. It is said that within two days of Chandrababu's arrest, a plan was devised to arrest Lokesh as well. As soon as this plan got leaked, Pawan was brought to Andhra, while Lokesh hurried to Delhi. 

Supporters of the party claim that Chandrababu's arrest gained national media attention by Lokesh going to Delhi and highlighting the issue.

They also claim that through the efforts of some respected figures, they were able to bring the matter to Amit Shah's attention, ultimately leading to prevention of Lokesh's arrest.

Currently, it appears that Lokesh is still in Delhi, and the question remains whether YCP will proceed with further arrests.

Regardless of whether Lokesh's situation is mere speculation or confirmed news, there is a strong buzz in Amaravati about the possibility of additional arrests in various cases.


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