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Lagadapati Survey Predicts KCR Fall?

Lagadapati Survey Predicts KCR Fall?

With the elections to the Telangana state assembly round the corner, surveys by various political parties and independent agencies have stated doing rounds in the media circles.

While the TRS has already claimed that all the surveys initiated by the party as well as the intelligence department indicated that it would win not less than 100 seats in the ensuing elections, the Congress party has commissioned its own survey which claimed that the party would comfortably win the majority seats, though it did not mention any figure.

However, the survey commissioned by former Vijayawada MP and industrialist Lagadapati Rajagopal is generally believed to be very credible, as all his surveys turned out be near perfect.

So, some survey reports have been appearing in the media in the name of Lagadapati, though he generally does not release his predictions before the conclusion of polling.

A survey is now doing rounds in the name of Lagadapati Rajagopal Telangana State Level Survey Report in the social media.

According to this survey, the Congress party will get 61 assembly seats, while the TRS would end up with just 39 seats.

While the MIM predictably gets seven seats, the TDP would get just three seats. The BJP would also win only three seats. The CPI will win two seats and the CPI-M would get one.

The remaining three seats would go to “others,” probably the Telangana Jana Samithi and independents.

It is not clear when this survey was done, what the sample was and what methodology the survey agency followed.

It is also not known whether it has taken into consideration the formation of a grand alliance by the Congress, the TDP and the other parties.



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