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KTR thinking exactly on KCR lines!

KTR thinking exactly on KCR lines!

Those who have been closely observing Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for the last one and a half decades, can vouch for the fact that his electoral predictions had never come true.

During 2004 elections in which he had an electoral alliance with the Congress party, KCR had predicted that the Congress would not get the absolute majority and it would have to depend on the TRS for survival,  so that he would have a great bargaining power.

He used to tell media that the TDP would get nearly 100 seats. But the Congress, under the leadership of YSR, won the elections with huge margin and the TDP could not get even 50 seats. And YSR took it easy with TRS.

In 2009 elections, KCR once again made a wrong prediction. He joined hands with the TDP and the Left parties to form a grand alliance hoping that he would defeat YSR who was stalling Telangana, but unfortunately for him, YSR won the elections again.

And at the Centre, KCR predicted that the BJP would come to power and even before the results were declared, he went all the way to Ludhiana and extended support to the NDA. But alas, the Congress-led UPA won the elections again.

In 2014, too, KCR was not confident that his party would come to power in the first elections, so he desperately wanted to merge his party with the Congress or at least have an alliance with it. But surprisingly, the people voted for the TRS because of the strong Telangana sentiment and also due to wrong calculations of the Congress party.

Now that he is enjoying power, KCR is talking as if he has got the full support of the people. He is now not caring even for the BJP at the Centre. And his son K T Rama Rao, too, is exactly thinking on the lines of his father, which was evident from his interview to a local English paper, in which he said the BJP would not get absolute majority in the next elections and it would have to depend on the regional parties.

KTR said there was a possibility of a hung parliament in 2019 and there would be a coalition government at the Centre.

He said the TRS would go it alone in the elections and there was no need for it to join hands with the BJP, which would not get the absolute majority.

“Unfortunately, the Congress party is weak and that will help the BJP. But the verdict will be fragmented and the BJP has to depend on the regional parties’ support. In a way, it is better to have a coalition government at the Centre,” KTR said.

It remains to be seen how far his predictions will come true.