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Keep Them Away, Says Balayya

Keep Them Away, Says Balayya

Nandamuri Balakrishna's birthday celebrations this time are going to be held in the US on a grand scale in Bay Area.

Around 2000 fans will congregate and celebrate the event in an unprecedented manner. But the main thing according to sources is that Balayya has given strict instructions to keep the likes of Komati Jayaram and other TANA team members from having any say at all in the proceedings.

In other words, they will  be allowed to be part of the audience but will not get to share space with Balayya.

Now, we all know that Komati Jayaram has been pampered like anything in recent times by the TDP and he even went on a publicity blitzkrieg updating his photos that reflected his VIP status in India.

Needless to say, they caused a lot of disgust among the public of AP. So what have Komati Jayaram and his men done to put them in the bad books of Balayya?