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KCR's Unique Technique To Save Time!

KCR's Unique Technique To Save Time!

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has found a 'unique technique' over how to send the visitors out within 2-3 minutes who come to meet him at his camp office in Begumpet for various purposes.

The new technique is that he simply ordered removal of chairs from his room. Except CM's chair, there is not a single chair in his room forcing visitors to stand, chat with CM and leave.

Whenever visitors are coming to KCR, he too is standing up from his chair, receiving them, listening to them and sending off, all by standing.

This new technique is being implemented for the past one week after KCR found that some 'powerful' and 'elderly' visitors were wasting his time sitting for long.

Last week, when super star Krishna came to CM's room along with his wife Vijayanirmala and actor Naresh (Vijayanirmala's son) to invite him for the wedding of his brother's son, they were shocked to find no chair in his room for visitors.

They handed over wedding invitation card to CM by standing, chatted for him for 2-3 minutes and left. KCR too stood up from the chair and standed till they left from his room.

However, TRS party sources say there are 'vastu reasons' behind removing chairs for visitors, which is also working for KCR to save his time.



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