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KCR's Desperation Not Good!

KCR's Desperation Not Good!

KCR is going to an extreme in the way he deals with the Opposition and the recent arrest of Revanth Reddy is a testimonial to it.

The High Court has taken a serious view of the matter and bluntly asked the Police Department whether they would have treated any ruling Party leader in the same way.

But the biggest cause of concern is the High Court expressing the apprehension that the documents on the intelligence report and letter authorizing the arrest of Revanth Reddy might be fabricated.

Vikarabad SP Annapurna who was in-charge of the arrest Party told Revanth Reddy that there was a letter from the Election Commission authorizing his arrest.

The EC had given no such letter! Breaking down his bedroom door at 3 am in the morning and arresting Revanth Reddy is stretching things too far.

The High Court said Annapurna would not have acted in that fashion unless authorized by the DGP and ordered the DGP to appear before it.

The Advocate General said the DGP was busy and requested exemption to which the Court responded, “The High Court is also busy in studying the cases. Does the DGP not have half-an-hour to spare to appear before the judiciary?”

Arresting dissenting or Opposition leaders is quite common in politics. But getting the police department to fabricate documents and taking someone into custody in the early hours of the morning as if he was some kind of a terrorist, sets a bad precedent.

It corrupts the entire system, something that can be avoided even though winning elections is of paramount importance. KCR’s desperation is uncalled for.



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