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KCR to be CM only 10 years, not 20 years?

KCR to be CM only 10 years, not 20 years?

Telangana IT Minister K T Rama Rao’s comment that his father K Chandrashekar Rao would remain the Chief Minister of Telangana for another 10 years has been taken with a pinch of salt by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

BJP official spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao wondered whether KCR was happy to continue only for 10 years.

“Only a couple of days ago that KTR’s cousin and irrigation minister T Harish Rao said that the TRS will rule for 20 years. Now, KTR says his father would remain the chief minister for another 10 years. What does it imply?” he asked.

He sought to know whether KTR would like to pull down KCR from power after 10 years and become chief minister for the remaining 10 years.

“He seems to have forgotten that the people will decide which party will win and lose at elections in a democracy and not KTR or KCR,” he said. 

He said such statements would only highlight the insecurity, doubt and lack of confidence of KCR’s family of the possibility of a re-election in Telangana State.

He alleged that despite being in power for three years, the Chief Minister had not even started on delivering the poll promises made in the manifesto.

“With too much empty talk and nothing on the ground, the BJP feels that the TRS should be worried about winning half the seats they have won in the last election,” he said.



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