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KCR Sir, How Can You Say We Won't Be Counted?

KCR Sir, How Can You Say We Won't Be Counted?

The Telangana government has now decided to hold a comprehensive social survey to weed out fake beneficiaries from the government’s list.

The Telangana chief minister KCR has said officials will go to 84 lakh households to collect data with utmost sincerity and discipline.

For the same, the entire staff of the state government, police personnel and if need be, the military would be brought for data collection.

Speaking at district review meeting in Karimnagar, KCR said that people must remain at their homes on August 19. “If you are not home on that day, you will not be counted,” he warned.

One has to remember that this is the month of Sharavanam as per Indian calendar and it is an auspicious time for marriages and other functions. So, it is unlikely that people can stay at home for the ‘one-day’ survey.

In fact, KCR even asked people to postpone weddings and other important business activities and stay at home.

While weddings and other functions can be postponed, how can one postpone incidents like sudden death or other bad occurrences? Of course, one has to be firm for people to fall in line, so that the government can procure vital data.

But warning people that they ‘will not be counted’ is stretching things a bit too far. The statement becomes more controversial as it was made by CM KCR.

In the past, prior to the elections, KCR and his men went to people to seek votes. They went to their homes, to fields, to hospitals… just about everywhere to get votes. Now, he is insisting that people remain at home on the day of survey, which is nothing short of an order than a request.

We hope KCR clarifies the same.