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KCR Indebted To Revanth Reddy

Some months back, the TDP was going hammer and tongs at the TRS, demanding section 8 in Hyderabad and accusing Governor Narasimhan of partisanship.

KCR was really a worried man and the ruckus over Hyderabad reached Delhi. Exactly at that time, Revanth Reddy was caught in the Stephenson case implicating Chandrababu Naidu in the process. Since then, there has been a complete change in the approach of the TDP.

In order to extricate himself from the ‘cash-for-vote’ case, Naidu shifted his focus from Hyderabad to Andhra, speeding up the process of transfer of administration from Hyderabad to Andhra.

He also invited KCR to the foundation ceremony of Amaravathi (an act that left the Andhras speechless in disgust), had hoardings of KCR erected along the route of KCR’s convoy and got his cadre to applaud the speech of KCR at Amaravathi.

He then visited KCR’s ‘Chandi Yagam’ too. And for the GHMC elections, he put Lokesh in charge just for the sake of formality and campaigned for two days only, as he wished to keep away from Hyderabad.

Needless to say, his party was completely routed in the polls. If there is one person who has made this possible for KCR, it is Revanth Reddy.

Had he not been caught in the Stephenson case, the TDP would have been very aggressive in Hyderabad, if not Telangana. KCR should therefore be indebted to Revanth Reddy.



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