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KCR Has 'Duplicate Votes': Revanth Reddy

KCR Has 'Duplicate Votes': Revanth Reddy

Lakhs of genuine voters were removed from the voters' list in the recent Telangana Assembly elections in the name of having 'duplicate votes' without taking up proper verification by the Election Commission.

Voters protested at several polling booths across the state after they were denied voting right.

Chief electoral officer Rajat Kumar too admitted discrepancies in the voters list and tendered apologies to the people after the polling.

Congress firebrand leader A Revanth Reddy on Sunday created a sensation by exposing TRS president and CM K.Chandrasekhar Rao of having duplicate votes at two places.

Revanth Reddy released voter ID copies of KCR, which showed that he has one vote at his native village Chintamadaka, from where he casts his vote in every election.

He had another vote at Erravelly village, where his farmhouse is located. Revanth said KCR obtained two votes by keeping his surname before and after his name.

Revanth demanded EC to explain how KCR was allowed to have two votes while deleting the votes of lakhs of common people across Telangana.

Revanth also demanded stringent action against KCR for cheating EC and claiming two votes with false declarations stating that he had applied for vote at only one place and has no other vote anywhere.

Revanth side KCR should be jailed for one year under the provisions of Section (31) of Representation of the Peoples Act 1950 for having duplilcate votes.

Revanth alleged that EC had removed votes of 20 lakh genuine voters while ignoring the duplicate vote of none other than KCR.



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