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KCR Fulfils 'six sentiment' With New Districts!

KCR Fulfils 'six sentiment' With New Districts!

Stage is set for the formation of two more districts in Telangana, taking the overall number of districts in the state to 33.

On Thursday, the Telangana government headed by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao issued two separate government orders --- GO Nos. 533 and 534, seeking to carve out the two districts of Mulugu and Narayanpet.

Mulugu which was part of erstwhile Bhupalapally and Narayanpet of erstwhile Mahabubnagar district were made as new districts as promised by KCR before the elections. Objections are invited from the people within 30 days from today.

Now that Telangana will be having 33 districts, the chief minister has fulfilled his sentiment for the digit “six”, as the two digits in the total number of districts add up to six.

The new Mulug districts will have nine mandals, Mulugu, Venkatapur, Govindraopet, Tadwai, Etutunagaram, Kannaigudem, Mangapet, Venkatapuram and Vajedu.

Similarly Narayanapet will turn into a new district with 12 mandals: Damaragidda, Dhanwada, Kosgi, Krishna, Madduru, Maktal, Marikal, Naryanapet, Narwa and Utkuru.


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